Sunday, October 18, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI DS Passion and OPI Done Out in Deco

Skipped yesterday so yay! Another two-fer! I really like these two. Deco is maybe a dupe for Zoya Malia? Haven't tested them next to each other.

OPI DS Passion:
OPI DS Passion

OPI Done Out In Deco:
OPI Done Out In Deco


  1. Both colours look gorgeous on you! I have Done Out In Deco too but it's still in the untried pile. I'll have to pull it out and try it tonight! Love the greyed out purple shade! :D

  2. It's pretty close but OPI A Grape Fit is a better dupe for Malia than Done Out in Deco

  3. ohhh...both looks gorgeous!! i like the ds passion more...

  4. I just bought Passion last month. I have many more than I'd like to get. Have to try ebay. I haven't worn Done Out in Deco either. It's such a gorgeous shade. You have such pretty nails. These two polishes look fantastic on you.