Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OPI Tattoo Ta-Boo Halloween Nail Polish Set

It's Halloween! Let's repackage old colors and give them cheesy names! Basically that's this kit in a nutshell.

There's four mini-size polishes, white creme, black creme, orange creme and a cornflower blue jelly that glows in the dark. Unless you want this set for the Glow in the dark polish, just save your money. Or buy it online cheap - $6.11 at Transdesign. Then you can have the lil tattoo pack. Which will surely change your life.

Let's start with the only reason to buy this pack, other than you don't have these colors at all and minis would be a good idea. The glow in the dark polish is a sheer cornflower blue. This pic is 3 thick coats and no topcoat. It spreads decently and dries very quickly, like matte polish. It's thick. It glows fairly well, you can see it but nobody is going to stop you and scream "OMG YOUR NAILS ARE GLOWING!!". I like it well enough that it made this pack worth it. It's very grainy.
OPI Glow-Ink In the Dark:
OPI Glow-Ink In the Dark

On to the filler. A black creme, decent formula, no different than anyone else's glossy black really but easy to use. The SCARY name is OPI Witch Arm?:
OPI Witch Arm?

The white is gluey, thick, full of some unnameable chunky glop, and was a real pain in the ass. I hate its guts. It's called OPI I Love Mummy:
OPI I Love Mummy

The orange is called OPI Tattoo You Want Candy and frankly it looks summer citrus to me and not at all Fall pumpkin.
OPI Tattoo You Want Candy?

Whatever, I'd save my cash unless you are already making an order and want the glowing polish.


  1. ohh... thanks for sharing this blog.. im really lemming for this polish.. coz iam really curious about the polish that glows in the dark.. oh yeah ur right nobody will stop & scream "OMG YOUR NAILS ARE GLOWING! LOLz...

  2. That orange is a candy corn orange, not summer citrus - hence the name.

  3. I don't see it. Also if you have to EXPLAIN it, it isn't doing its job. I completely doubt if I wore it anyone would say "Oh hey how cool you wore candy corn nail polish!" I think even candy corn is a darker orange. I'll buy some and do a color comparison, for fun!

  4. i want the blue one, i dont care that it glows in the dark, i just love the color. i heard that there is a full size bottle available-do you know where i can buy it?

  5. Augusta, I wish I had seen the blue glow in the dark alone and in a full size bottle, I haven't seen it in stores or online. :(

  6. ooooh thank you for this review! i've been looking for some halloween nail polish. subscribing now! :)