Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection Glue On Nails Review

Janet at Revlon very kindly asked me if I wanted to try Revlon's Fantasy Length Lashes, which I jumped at and will review as soon as I get an eyebrow wax. (Nothing worse on my face than grown out eyebrows!!) Anyway she kindly also sent two packs of Revlon's Runway Collection Nails.


The nails come 24 to a pack in assorted sizes, with a little nail file, good sized bottle of glue, and the most adorable little white orange stick. The two I was sent were Mystic, a complicated french manicure nail, some of which have little jewels on the tip, and Sequin, which is basic french manicure with a silver mesh overlay tip.

Let's talk about the positives of these nails first. They are very well made. I did not have to shape even one nail to fit my fingers! They are wafer thin, yet extremely strong. They glue on easily, and stay attached very well. I've had one on four days now without the slightest movement or lifting. They are an extremely natural looking color, and the french nail design on the tip is very well applied, it is not wearing off, and is impervious to acetone. The nail stays glossy even after application of acetone, also. Though whisper thin, these nails are tough. They are obviously quality, and long lasting.

Revlon Nails

The main negative I found about these nails are the things that make them a positive! The super thinness lets you see air bubbles from glue or adhesive (see above) and it also can make the nail have stress marks on some nails (see below thumb). The color is so lovely on these I don't know if they could make it more opaque. It may be you can glue better than I can. Or the bubbles may not be all that noticeable in everyday use. I don't know. But the stress marks are noticeable, unfortunately.

The other negative leads to discussion of the stress/stretch marks : The nails are small. Even this medium length was rather short, in fact my own natural pinky nail extended beyond the glue-on nail and it is not very long right now. To put a larger nail on my pinky would have meant major work reducing a larger nail, and even the larger nails were not very long. It may be buying a longer nail would be enough to fix this. The thumb nail was a very good size, almost too big. I was very surprised at the little stretch marks it made when I glued it on. The next nail up for thumb was HUGE.

Anyway with a little work on size and some extreme attention to nail gluing, these will last a very long time and look very attractive and polished.


  1. Ohhh that's interesting.
    They never gave me stress/strech marks :o
    But air bubbles, yah.. Tho the last time I managed to get them without air bubbles (you have to put plenty of glue on both sides)..

    But sad thing is that as time went by, the air bubbles came back. As in the first 2 days the nails were flawless, then a little air bubble showed up and it grew as time went by..

  2. I love the first set of nails. Gorgeous design. They are sort of short. I've never tried these nails. I think they're all lovely.

  3. Hmm sad to hear the bubbles came back, Tamara. Such a drawback. And Lucy yes, they are a bit too short.