Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stuff I'm not Buying Which You May Know About, Or Not, and BOOB MONTH

Get your mammograms. These days it's not a bad idea to start thinking of them by 30. Death is really a nasty thing, and men and young people can get breast cancer too. Why be a statistic? It isn't fun, but it doesn't even come close to hurting as much as the jokes. It's over quickly. If you're afraid of mammograms think of what it's like having a big needle stuck in your boob that you have to lie there with until they come cut you open so they know where the cancer is. Then think of how much better a mammogram is than that. Or think of caskets.

Anyway OPI, Essie, China Glaze and I am sure others have a nice selection of pinks for you pink lovers, and all give to charity.

Essie's is a soft baby pink jelly.

OPI's Pink of Hearts is a bit darker rose tinged pink jelly.

China Glaze's One in Three Set has a soft baby pink, a shiny candy pink, and a hot pink. Nice set.

I am also unlikely to be getting the ESSIE Judith Ripka polishes. They just look to boring for $7.50 at cheapest I can find them. I know Scrangie has them swatched.


  1. I don't own the Essie but I have the rest. I do try to pick up these shade. Any little bit I can do I will. My Mother and Aunt both had breast cancer. My Mother didn't die from the cancer but from the chemotherapy whose side afftect was ruining your heart. She died from congestive heart failure. It was horrible.