Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Color Club Master of Disguise Halloween Themed Mini Nail Polish Set

You know I'm behind minis all the way, especially for Polish Monkeys with tons of polish. There's always a new polish being released somewhere, so why not try a bunch of them as inexpensively as possible? Especially when dealing with themed polishes, such as Halloween sets. I like this set just fine. Only $5.95 at Victoria Nail Supply, that's cheaper than one bottle of OPI bought in a brick and mortar store.

This set gives your obligatory white and black, but the orange is so much more fun than the creme oranges, and they add in a great blue shimmer.

Color Club Master of Disguise, your standard glossy black. Formula just fine.
Color Club Master of Disguise

Color Club Ghost of Chance. Hmm is this Chance's Ghost, or did they leave out the "a"? Anyway this one was gluey and hard to deal with.
Color Club Ghost of Chance

Color Club Abracadabra is a great orange jelly with big ol' gold glitter, so much funner than a creme! So much more holiday oriented! Love this one!
Color Club Abracadabra

Color Club TaBoo! is very much like OPI Ink, which I featured today, except it is lighter and much more cobalt than Ink's navy blue. It has the same great deep purple shimmer, again, like Ink, my camera was unable to capture it. A great alternative polish to throw in this set, and very lovely.
Color Club Taboo!

The funny thing about this set is it lists the four colors as TaBoo! Abracadabra, Ghost of Chance and "Witchy Woman" not Master of Disguise. I am ASSuming it's just a mistake, and perhaps they decided not to name the black Witchy Woman, but Master of Disguise.


  1. I just recently started buying the mini sets. I'll never use a whole bottle of polish up so why not try these minis! You get to try multiple shades for a reasonable price. I bought this set also. I don't need anymore black and whites. I do love the other two polishes. They all look amazing on you. They are so shiny.

  2. yeah Lucy this set is worth it just for the orange and the blue.