Monday, April 27, 2009

BB Couture Beach Collection!

I cannot tell you enough how much I love the new BB Couture Beach Collection. They all have glitter for one thing, which is a huge plus right there, and the colors are vibrant, unusual and simply gorgeous. I am crazy about each and every one of them. Kudos BB Couture!!

The formula is nice, not runny, the only one that even approaches thick is Laguna Lagoon, which is a creme, so not too surprising and easy to fix. Two coats for cremes, three for jellies gives good coverage.

THANK YOU to Carla for these!!!

Here are some, rest tomorrow:

BB Couture Laguna Lagoon:
BB Couture Laguna Lagoon

BB Couture Butt-Naked Bronze:
BB Couture Butt-Naked Bronze

BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl:
BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl

BB Couture Catalina Cutie:
BB Couture Catalina Cutie

BB Couture Venice Party:
BB Couture Venice Beach Party


  1. What a great colors and such a lovely pictures ! glad I found your blog :-)