Thursday, April 30, 2009

Essie's North Fork Collection

As many people were I was excited by Essie's North Fork Collection. Purported to be colors inspired by eastern beach towns, they looked very nice online, and in swatches.

My verdict: They're nice, but nothing super special.

Essie Greenport is a nice soothing green creme, but frankly you might not need it if you have Misa Dirty Sexy Money. Misa DSM is greyer, and a bit darker, but it is basically the same type of green. It wouldn't hurt to have both, Greenport is a nice shade and maybe "nicer" than DSM, more friendly, less cutting edge, if you know what I mean. But if you are not green crazy, or polish crazy, you could probably pick a similar color and not miss Greenport. But simultaneously I think it is nice and worth owning...

Essie Greenport:
Essie Greenport

Essie Shelter Island is a nice sky blue creme. It gets a nice C+. You can absolutely buy a cheaper polish and get this color, it is absolutely average and unnecessary. For my money China Glaze Caribbean Blue beats it hands down.

Essie Shelter Island:
Essie Shelter Island

Essie Sag Harbor is a great cloudy day sea grey-blue with shimmer. I think it's the winner of the bunch, strangely. You could probably find a polish close to this one, but frankly I don't know of any, so I love it and say BUY!! It really does remind me of sailing and blustery days at the shore battling the crisp wind in a beautiful sailboat, enjoying a hot coffee and the sea spray.

Essie Sag Harbor:
Essie Sag Harbor

So anyway I guess I am at odds here. On one hand I like the collection, on the other hand I think you can kill your lemming for these a lot more cheaply elsewhere. You decide, chum!

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