Friday, April 10, 2009

Speaking of Glitter - Non-Holographic!

Let's talk pure glitter polishes. Not holographic, not jellies or cremes with glitter, pure glitter polishes. I really love glitter polishes. Though unless you use pure acetone, they take roughly 6.29 hours to remove! And even if you get them off quick with acetone the flecks love to nestle between my nail and skin, hiding down there for what feels like weeks. YES I do wash my hands! LOL! But those things are sticky!

The sad thing is the ratio of hotness to size is inverse, seems like the smaller the glitter, the more swoonworthy it is. Not talking flake "glitter", which I believe is mica (correct me if I am wrong), but "metallic" glitter. This may not be your feeling, but personally I like micro glitter, and I like it THICK. Clear polish with a smattering of glitter can be useful, but I like a solid, gleaming mass of glitter. Enough to blind.

I will of course post more about glitter in the future, this is just a selection.

Amour Rain Glitter:
Amour Rain Glitter

NYC Starry Silver Glitter:

Ulta After Party:

Pure Ice Strapless:
Pure Ice Strapless

Bon Bons Furry Pink Glitter:
Bon Bons Furry Pink Glitter

Cover Girl City Lights:

Tyler Durden's thoughts on glitter nail polish:
The things you own end up owning you.

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