Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nail Polish and a New Blog

I never used to be interested in nail polish. I'd be attracted, sometimes, by colors I happened across in the drugstore or department store, but if I ever did chance to buy a color I never used it. Attempts to do so resulted in nails that looked a lot like Robert Smith's lipstick.

But recently I met a new friend, Carla. Polish obsessed, she had a huge FlickR account full of amazing pictures of nail polish. she began talking to my friends about nail polish, and I looked at her pictures, and somehow I developed a desire to try all this beautiful polish. So, Carla sent me some. and when I say some, I mean a ton!

I realized nail polish is a fun way to express yourself and get a bit of color. It's inexpensive, easy after a bit of practice, and it's pretty. I enjoy it even more than the people around me. It's as fun as makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and there's a lot of variety.
So, there is the problem - the variety. There's a lot of nail polish. And a fair amount of nail blogs about polish. But I still can't always find pictures of what I want. So I figured there is room for one more blog about it.

So welcome to my blog, with a nutty Fight Club theme. Polish Mayhem is a play on "Project Mayhem" if you hadn't noticed. so enjoy the theme, or you can ignore it and focus on the polish.

Enjoy! Feel free to email me at with comments, suggestions, and requests.


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  1. I am Jack's unabashed delight.
    I love the blog theme and topic and I'll be following! Thank you:-)