Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Essie Summer 2009 Neons

I LOVE these! As I blogged about when posting about Funky Limelight, the formula is pretty standard neon polish formula. They go on a bit streaky, they dry a bit too quickly, but they are pretty decent anyway, and relatively easy to use. And bright... WOW!! These are eye-popping, and very hard to photograph. You will not be disappointed, unless of course you dislike neons.

The first is a gorgeous, OPAQUE yellow neon, called Funky Limelight. I am going to get another bottle of this, I think it is outstanding in every way. An opaque yellow neon as bright as a highlighter marker? Instant win.

Next up is a soft pink called Punchy Pink. It's nice, you could probably call it hot pink were it not for another color in the series, Flirty Fuchsia, which really IS hot pink. This manages to be a softer pink while still neon. Who knew it was possible. Forgive the picture, it is so bright it just would not photograph well.

Third up is Perky Purple, a juicy hot reddish purple. I got a lot of compliments on this one, it's a stunning eyecatcher.

Last up is Flirty Fuchsia. As previously stated, it's HOT pink. Violent pink, and it almost vibrates on your finger. Sometimes a neon like this can look orange toned on the fingernails, but this stays very true to the color in the bottle, as all of this collection does. And it's gratifying and impressive that they do. Once again, bad photo, this eyebleeder even shocked my camera.

So, if you like neons or are even curious, BUY THESE!!! I think they are hot stuff!

Tyler Durden's opinion of Essie 2009 Neons:
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  1. how did you get the yellow to go on so smoothly? i have 5 coats (at least!) on right now and it's still streaky. :<

  2. Sorry to answer you so late Janice, the only thing I do is try hard to make long even strokes, and to not go back over the area I have already colored, so it doesn't clump. Also I let each coat dry thoroughly before I do another.