Friday, April 24, 2009

Similar or Matching Polishes: #2 In a Series - China Glaze Moonpool

We all have polishes we long for that are discontinued. Sometimes you can find them on an out of the way website, sometimes for mucho dinero on eBay.

Or you can franken your own duplicate, or best yet find an almost exact duplicate, which I have done here.

Moonpool is a discontinued green with gold shimmer from China Glaze. Oh, I get a lot of hits on my Moonpool photo!! But now, you can have your own almost exact duplicate. These pictures are a bit more dissimilar than the comparisons, so keep reading.

Behold Icing Money Tree:
Icing Money Tree

Compare with China Glaze Moonpool:
China Glaze Moonpool

Icing's formula is similar to the China Glaze one used for Moonpool. They both are slightly runny, but nothing bad, slightly sheer but two coats gives fine coverage. They dry decently fast. Both are shimmer laden frosts that show a bit of brushstroke. Are they 100% exact dupes? No. Money Tree is slightly greener, because Moonpool has a bit more golden shimmer. But Icing Money Tree is available. Moonpool is not.

The rub: Icing Money Tree is only available (at my Icing anyway) in a set of 5 polishes, for $14.00. But, the upside is you get 5 nice polishes for what you might be able to get Moonpool for, plus shipping, on eBay. And its companion polishes are nice.

Side by side comparisons:


  1. Thanks for the comparison, I've wanted moonpool for a while and haven't been able to find it, but now I think I can be satisfied by Money Tree.

  2. I definitely think you'll be satisfied. Enjoy!

  3. OMG. You are my hero right now. :D All the other ones in the set look awesome too!