Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nail of the Day - Sinful Hottie 4/24/09

Today's polish is Sinful Hottie!

Sinful is a drugstore brand, here at Walgreen's it sells for $2 a 0.5 ounce bottle. They have some pretty nice colors I will blog about later.

Sinful Hottie is a sheer denim blue jelly with a ton of glitter in it. The glitter is very much like the sparks you see in the depths of an opal, kinda candy colored without being pastel at all. It also has a jellylike texture from all the glitter. It spreads well and evenly, and dries very quickly, allowing many coats. I used four today, the picture is three. When you run your finger across the polish surface and it feels bumpy, Hottie is dry and ready for another coat. It's beautiful and simultaneously somehow blingy yet understated.

Pick Hottie up and enjoy!!

Tyler Durden's opinion of Sinful Hottie:
Recycling and speed limits are bullshit. They're like someone who quits smoking on his deathbed.

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