Friday, April 10, 2009

MAC SugarSweet Polishes - Peppermint Patti and Seasonal Peach

Sure, I'll blog about these as people are all abuzz about them right now. I think I bought these the day after they came out, pretty much only to send to Carla. She was on vacation and I wanted to make sure she had them. She kindly let me swatch them and off they went to her.

The formula is "meh". It's a bit thick, it spreads indifferently, and it takes three coats to get a nice even coverage, and it leaves thin areas. And let's be honest MAC makes demand for its polish, like some other products, by only making a very limited run and discontinuing things quickly. This polish was sold out online in like what, two days? My MAC girl told me they sent her store NINE bottles of Peppermint Patti. What kind of business does this?? Are they feeling bad for eBay resellers or something? Patti is up for $25 right now. Okay yes, everyone knows the world HAS gone crazy lately, but sheesh let's get a grip here.

Seriously, though, these polishes are boring to me. I have seen better greens, and better peaches. These colors make me think of dresses bridesmaids might have worn to Elvis' wedding - everyone in chalky pastels and women all had beehives, and wore pale frosty lipstick. I am very glad Carla gave them a warm place to nestle, as I hated the retro looking stuff. Give me a polish that doesn't say "If you boys need little old me to make you a drink I'll be inside in pearls and heels, vacuuming."

MAC Peppermint Patti:

MAC Seasonal Peach:

Tyler Durden's opinion of the MAC SugarSweet polishes:
Now why would you want to go and blow your head off?

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