Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sally Hansen Opal Nail Glazes

I saw these mentioned on Scrangie's blog. Just a mention, but I was intrigued and sought them out. I could only find a scant few pictures of them on FlickR, on Lextard's photostream. Hence this post, because I know people are looking for pictures of them and I want to help.

I took a chance and bought some, because I wanted to experience the "lustrous glow of real crushed opals". WHOOO REAL CRUSHED OPALLLLLSSSSSSS!! Anyway they are nice, but it's not like strapping a fire opal to your nail or anything. They tend to be sheer, slightly opalescent (of course), and in soft pinks, subtle reds, and very light purples. The formula is very nice, not runny, not thick, and easy to apply. Super easy. They dry quickly, but not so quickly you get clumps or remove dried polish with a second stroke. They have a nice wide brush (not as wide as OPI DS brushes) and a wide flattish stick. This makes it even easier to apply.

These also are discontinued. Eyeroll. You can find them on eBay and suchlike. Eventually I will get some more, but until now enjoy a few!

Sally Hansen Royal Opal:

Sally Hansen Amber Opal:

Sally Hansen Rose Gold Opal:

Sally Hansen Wildfire Opal:

Sally Hansen Red Opal:

Tyler Durden's opinion of Sally Hansen Opal Nail Glazes: I am Jack's raging bile duct.

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