Thursday, October 1, 2009

O! A Daily OPI Continues for October! Plus Giveaway Chatter.

I have decided to extend the O! A Daily OPI! through October, since I have plenty more OPI to post. I think November will be Grab Bag, and December a hiatus as I'll be busy with finals and with the holidays. I have plenty to post about. I have a few Halloween nail ideas to post about this month, which I am excited about. And I will probably do a Halloween giveaway soon. Just don't know what I will give away.

As far as I know all giveaways have been recieved, except the two Retro Diva sets. I sent AdorePink a new Nina Ultra Pro In a Tiff! since hers went missing, and I know she got it, and I have confirmed with other giveaway winners they got theirs. It's satisfying to know I gave someone a little thrill in the mail.

Anyway here's to exciting Fall months, and the winter holidays ahead!!

Today's OPI is Rudolph Red, a nice bright red jelly with glitter, to get us in the mood!
OPI Rudolph Red


  1. I received the Retro Diva-set safe and sound in the mail yesterday. I was extremely happy about the colors I got, woohoo, purples here I come! :D

    Thank you SO much!

  2. Yes, I got the other Retro Diva set in the mail last weekend or so. Thanks again for an awesome giveaway!

  3. Isn't that a pretty and bright red? Love it and I'm sure I have plenty like it. Still it's so pretty I want to own this lovely red.