Tuesday, October 20, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Firecracker Red

This came in a min-set for 4th of July. I really get the feeling sometimes they just rename polishes to put in these holiday theme sets, like the white currently in their Tattoo Ta-Boo set. I wonder what red this REALLY is.

OPI Firecracker Red:
OPI Firecracker Red


  1. this is pretty red... maybe ur right... they just rename some polishes... hehehe

  2. Check the bottom of the bottle. I've noticed on some old halloween minis that I have, it has the number of the color on the bottom. Not sure if they always do that, but worth a look.

  3. Pretty red. I'm going to keep buying the mini sets. This way I don't have a big bottle that I might only wear a few times. Love this on you.

  4. Kerin - helluva great idea! And thanks Lucy!