Friday, July 24, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics - $2 Polish and Not Bad At All!

Rebecca kindly sent me a metric fuckton of nail polish the other day, because she's kind and generous like that. She found Diamond Cosmetics, and decided she'd add some stuff for me onto her order. She also, dear Polish Monkeys, bought YOU a gift, which I will post about next.

Diamond has a pretty decent formula! It's more on the runny side, only one creme did I find thick (Oh, Tiff!). All had good coverage with two coats except the Glow in the Darks, which are very sheer. Some cremes could probably even be one coaters, if you put on a thick enough coat, but I prefer two coats in most circumstances to prevent sheer spots.

Diamond has some July Specials, which I will start with first. The first special is six "neons" plus a topcoat and a white, for $15.00. I do not as a rule use whites for base coats, as Diamond suggests, I find that rather than provide a bright base for colors, they wash them out. But that's just my opinion, you may like them very much that way. All these swatches are without white as a basecoat, but, as they are neons and many neons dry matte, I used a topcoat.

Diamond Froggy:
Diamond Froggy

Diamond Beware:
Diamond Beware

Diamond Danger Zone:
Diamond Danger Zone

Diamond White:
Diamond White

Diamond Safety Zone:
Diamond Safety Zone

Diamond Hot Summer Pink, fuchsia pink neon with purple shimmer and an INSTANT all-time favorite of mine:
Diamond Hot Summer Pink

Diamond Wow, just the bottle and washed out at that, could NOT photograph this bright hot pink correctly, but it's very, very like Essie Punchy Pink:
Diamond WOW

The second July Special is the "Summer Special" - six red/pinks and two blues, and a topcoat for $12.00. These are two coats with no topcoat.

Diamond Oh, Tiff! - with which I will be doing a comparison against other Tiffany blues later:
Diamond Oh, Tiff!

Diamond Pink Passion:
Diamond Pink Passion

Diamond Fiery Coral, which I say is red:
Diamond Fiery Coral

Diamond Don't Teal My Heart Away, a very nice dark teal creme:
Diamond Don't Teal My Heart Away

This collection also contains Hot Summer Pink, already pictured, and a soft pink called Cotton Candy, which Rebecca kept. The next are not on "Special", but are only $2.00 each, and they are Glow In the Dark, so damn straight I love them. Sorry I did not test out the GITD ability it was daytime and I had a lot of swatchin' to do. :( This is four coats and topcoat. To make up for needing so many coats, they dried quickly!

Diamond Tangeglo:
Diamond Tangeglo

Diamond Gloworm Green:
Diamond Gloworm Green

Diamond Blue Moonglo:
Diamond Blue Moonglo

Diamond Pink Flaminglo:
Diamond Pink Flaminglo

I have some others, but I am gonna hold them back as I see "A Daily Diamond" daily polish review in the future. :D


  1. I placed a humongous order the other day. I believe I got both specials plus about 20 others! Not bad for $2.

  2. the danger zone and the tangeglo have been recalled due to some chemical please tell other who like diamond cosmetics. i love the hot summer pink oh la la. :)