Friday, July 31, 2009

Every Day an Essie - Essie Formal Dinner and Goodbye to July

Well I hoped I helped you see a different side to Essie. They certainly are not all pink and taupe. I think with time, and seeing how exciting other brands are these days, they will continue to grow more diverse with their colors. So goodbye to July and Essie days!

I'm going to end with my favorite Essie, Formal Dinner. It looks like nothing much in the bottle, but it's a beautiful light-filled medium red jelly. It's kind of cherry colored. It has a great pink tint to it, and a subtle purple shimmer. It really pops on the nail and is so feminine and pretty.

Essie Formal Dinner:
Essie Formal Dinner

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  1. This is a beautiful shade. You've changed my opinion on Essie's.