Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nubar Modern Mattes - Magnificence!

I cannot tell you how nuts I am about the Nubar Modern Mattes Collection. Wow did they do this right. It's a collection of dark reds/purples, all with the stunning velvet style matte I loved so in the Zoya mattes. BUT. The colors are hot, and give us a variety in matte polishes we didn't have before, and the formula is terrific. It's just like Nubar's regular polish formula, like spreading something fluffy and whipped.

Unlike other mattes these are neither watery nor like spreading glue. They apply like any other Nubar polish, except they dry lightning fast, and are one - yes one coat perfect. Even on my right hand, which I always have some trouble with, these were one coat perfect. I had few polish mishaps, they mostly stay just where you put them. And the velvet glow of them is just spectacular. I LOVE these. Matte chic and trouble free? And unlike the OPI mattes, pretty colors? Who can say no? Seriously, don't say no. Try them.

Onto the swatches!

Nubar Contempo, the reddest of the bunch:
Nubar Contempo

Nubar Avant-Garde, a terrific dark wine Nubar calls "russet":
Nubar Avant-Garde

Nubar Prevail, a cool smoky concord grape:
Nubar Prevail

Nubar Vital, a Tyrian purple that's probably my favorite:
Nubar Vital

These are available now at the Nubar site,


  1. Oh wow! I would actually wear a matte that looks like that. I have not been drawn into the matte frenzy at all, but this may be the collection to do it, they're gorgeous! They don't look like flat chalk on the nails.

  2. These are gorgeous, not chalky at all.

  3. They are all gorgeous on you. I really like these and I may order them.

  4. I like these mattes sooo much better than the OPIs, especially Russet.