Saturday, July 18, 2009

Orly Once Upon a Time Collection!

I no sooner heard about this in an email than it was in my hot little hands! I can't find info on it anywhere on Orly's site, so I have no real information other than what it says on the box. It says "6 Pix from the Once Upon a Time Color Collection". So I don't know if there are more, if this is Fall or Winter, or what. "Once Upon a Time... Orly's collection of modern nail lacquer shades, inspired by the darkness and drama of classic fairy tale stories". Update: This is a Fall 2009 Collection that comes out in September!

The collection pretty much does bring out that feeling for me. It is a change from the brighter more jeweled colors and mattes being offered. It has a typical decent Orly formula, I had a few mishaps but nothing horrible. The colors are richly pigmented and except for Pixie Dust, were easily two coat perfect. It's a nice palette of cool tones, a chocolate brown creme, a medium red jelly, a light grey creme, a light bluish grey shimmer jelly, a dark bluish green fir tree colored creme, and a dark pomegranate with purple shimmer.

Prince Charming, a sort of melted chocolate ice cream colored creme. Not my idea of Prince Charming, but it meshes with the collection nicely. Manages not to look like poo.
Orly Prince Charming:
Orly Prince Charming

Mirror Mirror is a light grey creme that really floats my boat. Apparently I have a grey fetish where other people have a green fetish, I am coming to learn. That suits me just fine. I love this color. Reminds me of urban camo.
Orly Mirror Mirror:
Orly Mirror Mirror

Poison Apple is my least favorite. It is simply not apple colored, this is a tomato. It's a jelly on the opaque side. A richer candy apple red would have meshed better with this collection, IMO.
Orly Poison Apple:
Orly Poison Apple

Orly Enchanted Forest, a kind of dark, solid wall of foreboding blue green fir trees sort of creme. Well done!
Orly Enchanted Forest:
Orly Enchanted Forest

Pixie Dust is a bluish grey, almost denim. It's light, and it's a sheerish jelly. This was 4 coats, but you could do three, I probably only needed 4 on one nail. or you could do one for a sheerer look, which would also be pretty! It's got a ton of shimmer, I think it's very nice.
Orly Pixie Dust:
Orly Pixie Dust

Happily Ever After is a juicy reddish purple with a darker purple shimmer. Very sexy, one of the best of the collection.
Orly Happily Ever After:
Orly Happily Ever After

I hope I helped you make some decisions regarding this collection!


  1. I love Mirror Mirror, Enchanted Forest and Pixie Dust. I wonder if they're available here as yet?

  2. I love Prince Charming! It reminds me of Candy'Up, a chocolate milk I used to drink when I was a kid! Super cute!

  3. I actually just picked up Prince Charming at a local Sally here in Nashville this past week! It was mixed into their standard colors instead of a display. I am completely in love with the color, but it looks a little more taupe on me than brown.

  4. I love each color. The red should be a nice deep apple red color and not a tomato. But I still like it. They all look gorgeous on you. I love Enchanted Forest and Prince Charming. I have to order the whole collection. I adore fairy tales so I wanted this as soon as I heard the name.

  5. the collection comes out in September in the US and selected shades will be available at Sally Beauty

  6. There are four colors available from the new Once upon a Time collection by Orly at Sally Beauty Supply. Poison Apple, Enchanted Forest, Prince Chaming (which is in the Orly permanent collection at Sally's), I can't remember the last one. I am wearing Poison Apple now. They should be on the shelf now or by August First.

  7. My Sally has nothing there, they even had the China Glaze Summer Days Collection late. As always I suggest online because it's so much cheaper... But good to know some of you are getting your hands on these already!

  8. Ooh, I'm definitely going to put Prince Charming and Mirror Mirror on my wish list. I'm in love with taupes, greys, nudes, and mauves right now!



  9. I'm so getting Enchanted forest and Prince charming. That green looks awesome...yes.

  10. Lovely nail colors!! I have seen wide range of China Glaze nail colors at Sally Beauty...