Thursday, July 2, 2009

Every Day an Essie! - Essie Ruby Slippers

This is one of theose much wanted legendary colors Essie has, along with Starry, Starry Night. Personally, I don't think there is a point in wasting your money on eBay prices for this. China Glaze Ruby Pumps is every bit as good if not better, or there's Zoya Jade, the magnificence of BB Couture Fairy Blood or any number of reds with red glitter. Everyone does one, and they are all lovely. This is no exception to the rule, all red jellies with red glitter are nice, in my opinion, unless they are too orange. But this shows you Essie has had some fine moments in polish.

Essie Ruby Slippers:
Essie Ruby Slippers

Just a note, I don't have Essie Starry Starry Night, which is a dark blue jelly with silver glitter, but in my opinion Sephora Glitter Nail Polish in Blue Sapphire should kill any desire to spend huge amounts of money for it (if you could even find it).

Sephora Blue Sapphire:
Sephora Blue Sapphire


  1. I don't own either but I do have Ruby Slippers. That is so gorgeous. I'll have to try the Sephora polish. Looks beautiful on you. Both are lovely polishes.

  2. Danica, I paid $15 for Ruby Slippers on eBay, and cannot find Starry Night anywhere at any price.

  3. I just tried Sephora Blue Sapphire. The formula was a bit thick and had to be thinned down. The brush, however, was horrible. I haven't tried other Sephora polishes -- are they all like that?

  4. All of the "Sephora" polishes have that small brush. The Sephora by OPI polishes have a much better brush!