Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orly Femme Fatale Holiday 2009 Collection!

Got a terrific surprise today in the mail! Orly sent me a preview of their Holiday 2009 Femme Fatale Collection! A hot bright red, a berry/plum creme, and a deep red shimmer make up this collection that Orly means to embody "infectious feminine charm". These are incredibly shiny, even without topcoat, like a patent leather type polish. This is a nice addition to the Once Upon a Time Collection. I have no real information, but I am betting we will see more Orly polishes this year in addition to these. I hope so anyway!

Siren, a medium bright red - almost a neon - is a creme. Keep your brush lightly coated with this and it'll give you tons of color. Very richly pigmented. I may compare it to Zoya's America to see how similar they are.
Orly Siren:
Orly Siren

Orly Goddess is my favorite. A berry/plum creme, a thick coat could give you easy one coat perfection. This is also incredibly shiny.
Orly Goddess:
Orly Goddess

Temptress is a dark burgundy shimmer jelly, with a lot of depth. You can use it one coat for a bit of sheerness and a slightly lighter color, or two coats for a deep rich full coverage that's just as shiny as the first two. I like that it has two ways to wear it. Pictured is two coats.
Orly Temptress:
Orly Temptress

These come out in November! Enjoy!


  1. oooh very nice. Orly are coming up with some really good stuff at the moment. I really like Temptress, mmm.

  2. Oooh I love Goddess! I'm a fan of Orly, their formula is always very good, and I love their rubber grippy lid!

  3. I love Goddess, I cant believe I dont have a berry creme...

  4. I have to have Goddess! What a beautiful creme. They are all lovely colors.

  5. I agree with you, Goddess is the best!