Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nubar Going Green Summer 2009 Collection

Hmmm something that will make a lot of green freaks happy, an all green collection in various shades and styles! I have to admit I mostly love this collection. I think it could use a few tweaks, but it was a great concept and is buy-worthy! All in all I think this is a superb collection and I like it more every day!

Go Green is six polishes. One olive green with gold and rose duochrome called Wildlife, one forest green shimmer named Greener, Conserve and Earth - two blue-green shimmers (yes blue-green can still be green :winks naughtily:), one chalky green crayon colored creme called Forest, and a sort of leaf green holographic named Reclaim. All in all very nice. I would have made the forest green the holo (and named IT Forest, not the creme but what do I know), and the leaf green a shimmer or left it a holo too, and changed the boring creme to something more vivid, but that's me. We have few dark holos and we need more! The two blue-green shimmers are, IMO, so similar I would have liked to see one replaced with maybe a lime or a new spring grass color. Just too alike.

Nubar's formula continues to delight me. It's SO thick and easy to control. It spreads like whipped butter. I LOVE it. The holographic formula was runny, but if you've used a lot of holos this will actually be a change for the better, as most holos are clumpy, thick and if you re-polish the polish often lifts up, like redrawing over dry erase marker. UGH I hate holo formula, love holos, but Nubar's formula is actually a nice step up. So these were a pleasure to apply, no worries here.

Not particularly happy with the photos. I will probably redo them.

Nubar Greener - not a dupe of Emerald City, EC is a lighter more real life emerald gem color. It is the same color as China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, but the fact CG Emerald Sparkle is a jelly with glitter makes it very different. Both could be bought with no feelings you are buying two polihes that are the same.:
Nubar Greener

Nubar Forest:
Nubar Forest

Nubar Conserve:
Nubar Conserve

Nubar Earth:
Nubar Earth

Nubar Reclaim:
Nubar Reclaim

Nubar Wildlife:
Nubar Wildlife


  1. What happened to Wildfire? I've worn Wildfire for a few days. I absolutely love it. Can't wait to try the rest. I love them all, I'm a green fanatic latey. I really love Forest and Reclaim. I love the whole collection. My other favorite green is BB Couture's Poison Ivy. Do you think Forest is a dupe? I've heard that BB Couture is releasing a new collection soon. One of the polishes is named Throb. I can't wait to see them.

  2. WHUPS! I forgot Wildlife! Fixed! Thanks Lucy!

    And I am thinking Forest is a dupe of one or other of those chalky green cremes of BB Couture's (Can you tell I don't particularly like them? Heh). Poison Ivy or Green Goblin or something. I think BB Couture is slammin', but I don't like their greens.

  3. Wildfire and Reclaim look amazing.

  4. Oh gosh all of those green ones look great!