Monday, July 27, 2009

Nordstrom Exclusive Lippmann Collection "Celebrate" Nail Lacquer Set

The Lippmann Collection put out a little trio of nail colors to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It's sold only at Nordstrom, and is $35.00, so there's a $10 price break for the set instead of the usual $15.00 per bottle. It's a set of black jellies with glitter in them, always a welcome theme for me. Nothing revolutionary, but they are a bit different from the usual. Whether they are worth the price is your call. I thought about taking mine back, but ultimately I like two enough to make the set worth keeping. The formula was just fine. Easy to apply, stayed where I put it. No complaints there!

The red glitter in black, not very originally named Ruby Red Slippers (not to be confused with blue rubies, I guess) is actually a major keeper for me. As well as having regular sized red glitter it has large hexagon shaped glitter and this makes the glitter pop far more than dupe polishes such as China Glaze Lubu Heels. The big glitter is terrific and makes this very festive. I was thinking this polish would be a throwaway and a pointless duplicate, but it rises above the similar polishes to be something unique and fun.

Lippmann Collection Ruby Red Slippers:
Lippmann Collection Ruby Red Slippers

Superstar is copper glitter in black jelly. I don't see too much copper glitter and wearing this I wonder why. I think this is GREAT for tanned summer skin. Day or dancing, this would rock. Super sexy!

Lippmann Collection Superstar:
Lippmann Collection Superstar

Which leaves us with the WTF polish, Funky Chunky. If you put on too much, it looks like a black nail with a lot of black pimples. Or maybe tumors. A very sheer coat looks decent but then you get too little glitter and anyway the glitter isn't glittery. Frankly I think this polish is a mystery. The mystery being why they included it in an otherwise great trio of polishes. I've heard many people say they wished it were a sheer black, so I tried to thin it out. See my grotesque results below, if you have a strong stomach. First picture is Funky Chunky applied as thinly as possible.

Lippmann Collection Funky Chunky:
Lippmann Collection Funky Chunky

Lippmann Collection Funky Chunky mixed with clear topcoat:
Thinned Lippmann Funky Chunky

So there you go. Is it worth $35? You decide!


  1. I think Funky Chunky would be better as a topcoat over black polish. ;)

  2. How about layering Funky Chunky over silver? Thinning it out was a positive first step over other pictures I've seen where it looks like lumpy asphalt.

    Superstar and Ruby Red Slippers can do no wrong.

  3. the first two are nice, cant say the same for the last one. 35 dollars is a lot of money for this collection- i think i'll pass

  4. So, wait, math is not my strong suit, but wouldn't they be $45, if there was no price break from $15 a piece?

    Isn't is a $10 discount per set?
    Just my .02. =]

  5. Okay yes, I am wrong about the price break! I thought there was, but I wrote this on a day I got about 3 hours sleep. So I'm an idiot! Won't be my last mistake!! :D

  6. ruby red slippers is beautiful but not worth the price for the other two... especially the last one which i would never wear!

  7. Dude I love the first two but the black one is straight up wacky. I thought it was such a creative idea at first but now I'm just mystified.

    Although does it look better super-opaque? Or just weirdly textured? I guess the little discs would probably clump up if you did 4 coats or so.

  8. Fully opaque it looks diseased. It's horrible.

  9. I bought this collection and ended up loving Funky Chunky. You need two thick coats applied fairly evenly. As the polish dries, the shape of the sequins shows through. No topcoat needed. It ends up looking like your nails are sequined like an evening dress. It's hot.

  10. WOW.!! I can't wait to get a nail lacquer set. I will certainly visit Nordstrom to see the entire Lippmann collection.

  11. I'm very glad you like it Suzanne! I have tried Funky Chunky about 40 ways and it still looks like the pox to me! :D

  12. On the contrary I find the last one really creative and unique. Top two overloaded, they look like badly burned stoneware pottery artifacts. Wouldn't pay to have that on my nails. FC believe it or not looks more elegant on your nails.