Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun Stuff I've Gotten Lately - Mmmmm Glittery!

I got some good stuff the past week or so in the mail and the drugstore.

LOVE this one! Just enough holo glitter to cause that circular oilslick rainbow, but not enough to be a full holographic.
Wet n' Wild Wild Orchid:
Wet n' Wild Wild Orchid

From the Color Club Femme Fatale Collection, along with Revvvolution, but I wanted this one far less than Revvvolution. Only bought it because it's a holo. Silvers aren't my favorite.
Color Club Worth the Risque:
Color Club Worth the Risque

This has a gorgeous blue and gold duochrome, and it's a unique one because the blue part of the duochrome is lighter than the blue of the base. It makes it look like it is topped with glass. It's very lovely. I don't enjoy the fake blueberry smell it has. It does fade though.
Revlon Not So Blueberry:
Revlon Not So Blueberry

I bought this thinking it might be close to China Glaze's glass fleck No Way Jose. But it isn't really at all. It's too silvery, almost a metallic. But it's pretty, and cheap.
Sinful Purple Diamond:
Sinful Purple Diamond

Gorgeous vampy burgundy with a deep shimmer, both in the base color and a darker purple. I LOVE this.
Sally Hansen Flirt:
Sally Hansen Flirt

But the stars of my acquisitions are the Massinis a friend helped me buy. I utterly adore these!!! They are not holos, just glitters. I wanted these for a very long time and was so excited to have them!

Massini Purple Medallion:
Massini Purple Medallion

Massini Slamming Red:
Massini Slamming Red


  1. ooh i love all these! but worth the risque and the massini's are def. my fave's :)

  2. OMG I love those Massini polishes!! I'm drooling over these right now!

  3. Oh I want that Revlon Blueberry. I passed on it a month ago and every time I look for it now it is sold out.

  4. Wow! This is like glittery overload, totally cool! The Massini's are definitely the stars, but that SH Flirt - I can't remember whether I picked that up in my recent SH spree. If not, I'm going back to get it! I do have that WnW and it's so completely gorgeous. What a steal!

  5. Wow is all I can say about those glitters. I love the Masssini polishes. Everyone you bought looks gorgeous on you. Nice haul!

  6. I need to find Revlon Not so Blueberry and Wet n' Wild's Wild Orchid.
    Worth the Risque is every bit as beautiful as Revvolution (which is currently on my toes).
    Flirt is really nice.
    Holy Crap the Massinis looks nice!

  7. OMG...Where did you find the massini polish??? I can't find them anywhere.

  8. MsDiva I asked a friend to buy them for me, they come from a store called Meijer. They don't have stores in Nevada!