Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Comparison for EnEmDee and a Few Words about Comments.

I slipped behind on my comments! I am sorry. Rest assured in the future I'll check more for new comments and answer in a more timely manner! But you can always get me fast by emailing me, and comparison requests or questions are always welcome. The below is a recent comparison request from EnEmDee!

She asked me to compare some polishes to Zoya Hope and Pure Ice Rio. Is Creative Heiress a dupe for Zoya Hope? What about Pure Ice Rio? Is Creative Kitten Has Claws a dupe for Pure Ice Rio? Let's see!

Left to Right:
Creative Kitten Has Claws
Pure Ice Rio
Zoya Hope
Creative Heiress

As you can see, Creative Heiress is a bit lighter than Zoya Hope, and I think Zoya Hope has a bit more shimmer. Pure Ice has a purple shimmer but is much lighter, sheerer, and has larger shimmer. Creative Kitten Has Claws is a similar color to Pure Ice Rio but is a tad lighter, opaque and has much less shimmer. Thanks for the request and hope it helped!!


  1. Thank you PM! So helpful!...
    This is EnEmDee, btw. I have my own blog now and changed my name!
    Keep up the great work.