Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Every Day an Essie! - Essie After Sex

This is someone after sex. Apparently someplace on a person after sex is a pinky red shimmer. I will not go into wondering where exactly, after sex, someone is this color, as I have no desire to know. Maybe it's their mood. But I like the polish! I would like to imagine that after sex my mood is a nice ocean blue. If I were still this agitated someone isn't doing it right.

Essie After Sex:
Essie After Sex


  1. i haven't worn red polish ever since.. i swear..

    but this one is so sexy..

  2. ROFL @ "Someone isn't doing it right"

    I love the polish color too!

    Thank you for talking about Essie as much as you do, I love their polishes and I'm afraid they often get overshadowed by OPI and China Glaze.



  3. I'm never tired of red. Your nails looks beautiful on here and have the perfect elegant length: very sexy!

  4. It's bizarre isn't it, when I think of Essie, I think nice, safe colours...and then they come out with names like After Sex and Meet Balls!

  5. I actually like the name and the color. I own it too.. xD!

    I like to immagine that instead of the cigarette you just look at your nails, or paint them in this color, tehehe... how stupid of me :D

  6. Ha! I love the color and I loved your commentary on it!

  7. It's a lovely red. I don't want to think about after sex either. I'll stick with it on my nails.

  8. Thanks for the compliments! Helen, yes, their names are every so often eye poppers, aren't they? And Tamara I like your idea!

  9. Oh crap, hahaha! That is flipping hilarious. Love it!