Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chanel Glossimers - Lumieres Celestes

Chanel has a new line out of Glossimers (sparkly lipgloss) and nail polishes called Lumieres Celestes. I got a nice little postcard from Chanel offering a free mini glossimer in Mirage for stopping by the counter. I picked it up, as I really love Chanel lip glosses. And hey it was free, the glossimers are a eye-crossing $27.00 each!

Anyway the polishes with this set are, IMO, lackluster, especially for $23.00. They count among the set Cosmic Violine, which I swear was out quite some time ago, Mica Rose which is a shimmery pink, Dazzling, a chinese red, and Allegoria which looks pink and is not out yet according to their site. I am no Chanel expert, but I am pretty sure at least the first two polishes have been out a while, and I saw Mica Rose a month or so ago. I had Cosmic Violine and was not impressed, too brown for me. I plan to enjoy this glossimer tomorrow!

Chanel Cosmic Violine:

But I did like Mirage. I picked out a small selection of nail polishes to wear with it, with a bit of success. You judge. I picked some darker and some sheerer colors.


  1. Cosmic Violine and Mica Rose are new...Dazzling and Allegoria are re-releases. Allegoria = so NOT worth it...might as well buy an Essie if you want a streaky, sheer nude color.

  2. Thanks Asian Girl! I knew I had seen pictures Cosmic Violine out as early as April 5, but I didn't know about the rest. thanks for the tip on Allegoria!