Thursday, May 28, 2009

New MAC Style Warrior Polishes!

I picked up the three new Style Warrior polishes from MAC's new collection today. Style Warrior seems to be based on strong earth colors and bronzers. While I was not too excited by the collection, or the tanning mousse (darkest one just even now at beginning of summer only gives me a tad of color and later won't do anything) I bought the polishes to try. I have the weird clumpy Solar Bits from last year, and frankly they are not my first choice in any situation, their size and kind of stickiness make them hard to use.

Anyway onto the polishes. Peaceable is a sand colored frost. At $11.00 per bottle I'd sooner get cheaper boring workplace polish. Violet Fire is a sort of very subdued violet purple shimmer. It's kind of smooth and satiny, there's no big bits, it's kinda like just a general shine. I dunno but I suspect this is a rerelease? The last one is a bronze shimmer called Mercenary, which sparkled rainbow in stronger light and sunlight. In my opinion it's the highlight of the collection.

So make your choices, or choices not to buy soon! Likely these will fly out the door too fast like all other MAC limiteds.

MAC Peaceable:
MAC Peaceable

MAC Mercenary:
MAC Mercenary

MAC Violet Fire:
MAC Violet Fire

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  1. I have the violet fire and I'm of darker complexion and it pops so nicely, I will send you a pic the next time I use it, I got compliments for the entire week I wore it! I love it.