Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Sally Hansen HD "Liquid Crystal" Polishes

I ran out and got most of the new Sally Hansen HD "liquid crystal" polishes today. I had hoped they would be similar to my beloved China Glaze glass fleck polishes. Well, not quite.

Sally Hansen High Definition Liquid Crystal Polishes

They have a sort of truncated rainbow of colors in this formula, purple, bright blue, aqua/teal, yellow, orange, medium pink, and fuchsia with purple shimmer. I would have liked a green added to this, and a true red added, or the fuchsia left out for a red. Seriously, how many fuchsias with blurple shimmer are there? 5,672? But the colors are bright and summery and vibrant. I did not purchase the yellow. I bought these for $5.99 each and I couldn't justify orange AND yellow. Edit: Added a picture of a color addition to this Collection, Hi-Def, at end of this post!

The formula for these reminds me of their Insta-Dri polishes. It almost seems to dry as you apply it. The brush is similar too, it has that wide oval plastic stick and while the brush is not rounded at the end, like Insta-Dri, it is similar in width. The polish formula is HORRIBLE. It is simultaneously runny and sticky. It sticks to itself and starts to dry, making it hard to spread evenly. It wanted to stay in strips, and if I pushed it, it made sheer places in the polish. To get even coverage over the sides of the nail I had to deliberately paint my skin in several instances. Luckily it came off the skin easily when removed quickly. They were also very prone to bubbling and imperfections. It was a sticky mess I don't care to repeat, it was not fun applying this polish.

As for the glass fleck effect - well it looks more frost to me. Whether it's the fine grain of the glass, the amount of it added, or other pigments, I do not know, but while this does catch the light, it only has slightly more depth than a frost and looks, frankly, just like a frost. I was disappointed. I dunno what my final verdict on these is, but my preliminary verdict is skip them, buy cheaper polishes with better flash and color, like China Glaze Surfs or Summer Days if you want glass fleck, or "liquid crystal" as Sally Hansen Calls them. On the other hand, they are kinda pretty... but I can buy something better for $5.99.

I'll post a comparison between these and glass flecks later today.

Sally Hansen HD Cyber:
Sally Hansen Cyber

Sally Hansen HD BLU:
Sally Hansen HD BLU

Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty:
Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty

Sally Hansen HD Three D:
Sally Hansen HD Three-D

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res:
Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res

Sally Hansen HD Digital:
Sally Hansen HD Digital

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def:
Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def


  1. oh man! I love all of those!! I need them in my LIFE!!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I wanted to try these, but they look similiar to a lot of other polish colors. And with the formula being that bad...no thanks!
    But thanks to you :)