Monday, May 4, 2009

OPI Bright Pair 2009 - Save Some Money!!!

The OPI Bright Pair Collection is creme polishes apparently inspired by the idea some money could be made partnering with some pants company. I am not gonna review the pants, just the polish, but I will say skinny pants and mini shorts make me shriek and run. What is this, the 80's??

Anyway the colors are cremes, and kinda bright. What else can I say? Oh, SAVE YOUR MONEY. I can say that pretty well. OPI makes damn fine polishes and I love the company to death but this bunch is a real let down. Even online these polishes are $4.73. Let's explore substitutes. I have seen the polishes and while I cannot swatch them for you, rest assured the subs I recommend are very close. You may not want a bunch of cremes, but if you do, let's go!

No Room for the Blues - billed as a vivid blue. It's a sky blue creme. Save money and get Creative Hot Pop Blue, $2.99 at TransDesign. Frankly any sky blue creme will be a good substitute.

Creative Hot Pop Blue:
Creative Hot Pop Blue

Shorts Story, a "hot pink". Creative Hot Pop Pink, maybe? Essie Punchy Pink and Color Club Electro Candy are hotter alternatives, Zoya Audrina and China Glaze Laced Up are very good alternatives, and both cheaper (if you use Zoya's trade-in program).

Zoya Audrina:

A Grape Fit - grape creme. Trade in for Zoya Malia. Or maybe Creative Studio 54.

Zoya Malia:
Zoya Malia

In My Back pocket is a citrus orange. No sweat - get China Glaze Breakin':
China Glaze Breakin'

On the Same Paige is a bright orange-red creme. Not my cup of tea at all so I am going to let you down here. As I will with Over the Taupe, a grey mushroom color. if you MUST buy these and cannot find a cheap drugstore alternative (of which I am guessing there are tons) then at least buy online through some discount nail polish house.


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  1. I like Zoya Malia. I love purple and gray tones and this color is a nice combination.