Thursday, May 14, 2009

OPI Breathe Life Lung Cancer Charity Polish

OPI's Breathe Life polish was produced to benefit the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. It's a sheer opalescent baby blue pearl shimmer with a subtle blue/purple duochrome effect. I think it's quite lovely. I was gifted with mine by Rebecca, but if she had not so kindly gifted it, I would have purchased it.

Now, I AM sorry about the following, I know it is not really a big deal but I have to say something as I get itchy about inaccuracies. Lung Cancer is only the top killer of women when discussing certain developed countries, such as the United States. Worldwide, breast cancer is the biggest killer according to the World Health Organization and others. And breast cancer is nowhere near taking a mild backseat to lung cancer like the LCFA implies. So don't smoke, but also get your mammograms!

Anyway that diatribe aside, Breathe Life is lovely alone, and I'll bet it layers fantastically, expect a future post on that. So buy it! Good cause, good polish!

OPI Breathe Life:

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  1. What a great fund raising activity for the cancer victims. A great way to help them. Also show other concerning by helping other charities.