Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sula Paint and Peel Nail Color

Ulta is now carrying Sula "Paint & Peel" Nail Color. The premise is you can just peel it off when you want to change colors/are bored/it looks bad, but the thing I am thinking is "someone actually thought polish doesn't usually chip or peel off on its own?!" Seriously though, I imagine the intention is that Sula will prevent use of removers and cottons balls, though in use, this is not true. Decrease how much you need, absolutely.

The Sula Colors I brought home (there are a couple others):

Left to right, Blush, Ruby, Berry, Crush, Royal, Sky, Azure, Moss and Metallic and Clear TopCoats.

One thing about Sula though, is to get this peel-off action, you put it on nude nails. No ridge filler, no strengthener, no nothing. If you have thin, ridgy nails that snap at the blink of an eye, you'll get no backup from Sula products. I really dislike that. Of course Sula has decided if you don't want a pull off nail polish, you can have a clear topcoat/basecoat. It's a strange formula just like the polish, and is not a strengthener nor a ridge filler.

Sula's polish is milky in the bottle and as you apply it. It dries to a translucent jelly. While the bottle states use 2 coats, I had to use four. The polish is very streaky and sheer. Four gives pretty good coverage on the polishes intended to be opaque. It's not runny, goes where you put it, and has a nice wide brush, almost as wide as OPI's. So it is easy to apply. One AMAZING benefit to this polish - mistakes that go onto your cuticle and skin rub off instantly, no muss no fuss. WOW. If only all polishes did this!! Oh, and the polish STINKS, like housepaint. It even looks like housepaint.

Here are the three I swatched (sorry I got bored with this stuff quickly).

Sula Ruby:
Sula Ruby

Sula Blush:
Sula Blush

Sula Moss:
Sula Paint & Peel Moss

The Colors I Did Not Swatch:

Sula has several colors, kind of jewel tone jellies (look creme in the bottle but dry to jelly). The colors are fairly nice. But that's pretty much it. No cremes, no shimmers, no glitters, just these mostly opaque jellies. Sula has decided if you want to use their "permanent" non-peel option, they will provide you with a "Metallic TopCoat" which is sort of a silver shimmer. It also applies milky and dries clear. And is a HOT MESS. Thick, clumpy, all over the place and streaky, and barely any shimmer to it. Worst. Product. Ever.

Sula Metallic TopCoat:
Sula Ruby with Sula Metallic Topcoat

So what happens when you decide to peel this off? Mostly it works pretty well. It comes off in mostly large chunks. It does leave some residue on the nail and at the sides, so you DO need polish remover with this, just not a lot. Of course, with acetone who has much of a problem removing jellies anyway? These polishes would take two seconds to remove normally, and frankly you are going to need remover with these, even if only a little. So you're still gonna use a cotton ball. So this is really more of a gimmick than anything really hugely "green". And seriously, do you really think people are struggling to find polish that peels off at a moment's notice? I hear endless complaints regular polish often does that on its own, to people's chagrin.


Sula Paint & Peel Nail Color costs a pretty $9.00 per bottle. Frankly, IMO, forget it. Unless you really like a color. Then, buy it and treat it just like any other color. I don't think Sula even believes people want a nail color that just pops off your finger, or they wouldn't have the "permanent" options. Maybe Sula will evolve. Maybe it won't. We shall see!

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