Saturday, May 2, 2009

China Glaze Kicks Collection

The China Glaze Kicks Collection is yet another offering in the Summer 2009 brights/neon craze. While the CG polishes are not neon, they are bright, sassy and very summery. They also have pretty stupid names, but seriously who cares. The names are not the biggest problem with this collection.

The biggest problem with this collection is also its strength - there are too many colors. 12 in all: three oranges, three pinks, one pinkish-red, two blues, two greens and one purple. They are all bright colors, happy, girly and fun. Not sexy or sultry, rather girl on the beach or skating or having some wacky adventure in the sun colors. But the large amount of colors and the type of colors makes there be a bit too much similarity.

The pinkish-red creme, Sneaker Head, I did not buy. It's kinda like a chalky raspberry, and pics I saw did absolutely nothing for me, so sorry I have no picture for you. The three pinks are Laced Up, a bright pink creme, B-Girlz, which is the same exact color as Laced Up, but has blue shimmer, and It's Poppin', which is the same color as the previous two, just a shade or two darker, with a very strong goldish/pink shimmer. It's Poppin' is very hot pink. So pick carefully, even *I* don't think you need all three. But then again they are pretty cheap online...

China Glaze Laced Up:

China Glaze B-Girlz:

China Glaze It's Poppin':
China Glaze It's Poppin'

Onto the oranges. Okay orange is not my favorite. The Kicks Collection has three, Oh How Street It Is, a somewhat dark reddish orange creme, Style Wars, a medium reddish orange creme, and Breakin', a light citrus orange with gold shimmer which is so shiny that if you look closely you can see it reflecting off my cuticles. Orange cremes, well, I am sure you can find pictures of them online, but it sounds deadly dull to me. But I think Breakin' is worth it!

China Glaze Breakin':

The blues are nice, and different enough from each other you'll want both. Custom Kicks is a teal blue creme with very subtle gold shimmer you may not even notice after application. Sky High-Top is a medium blue, with a strong blue shimmer. I like them both. If you HAVE to skip one, skip Sky High-Top.

China Glaze Custom Kicks:

China Glaze Sky High-Top:

The lone purple is swoon-worthy!! Fly is a light magenta-pinky purple, very juicy, with purple shimmer. LOVE this one!

China Glaze Fly:
China Glaze Fly

The greens are not this collection's strength, in my humble opinion. Entourage is a Granny Smith apple green, with very light blue shimmer. It's lovely. Paper Chasing is a darker green with gold shimmer, and to me it looks like a green crayon. I only bought Entourage.

China Glaze Entourage:

So to end this review of the China Glaze Kicks Collection - this is the collection for you if you want bright summer polishes but NOT neons. You could wear a lot of these polishes to work, unless you are ultra-conservative and can't do bright. There's a lot to choose from, and all of the formulas are pretty average China Glaze - nice, not too runny unless you overload the brush, but do require some care in application.

Enjoy them, I do!

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