Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tools for the Polish Monkey

We all like things that make life and applying polish easier. Especially when they are cheap. I found two little dears at Sally Beauty. First was an orange stick dipped in sanding grit. The second was ASP Manicure Saver.

ASP Manicure Saver is a mini version of the "I'm too lazy to pick that up!" tool, that coiled spring or stick with some metal fingers at the end that come out of a tube and grab whatever you don't want to bend over for. The nail buddy is a small pink plastic tube about 4 inches long, with a black button to make the little graspers come out. Then you put a cotton ball/pad in the metal fingers and release the button, and suddenly you have a way to remove polish from one or more nails or places on your hand without affecting your other nails!! Ok, I can't tell you how many times I have ruined other nails trying to fix one ruined fingernail. So I felt like a total idiot when I saw this, and simultaneously very happy someone thought of it. At $3.29 without Sally card, how can you say no?

ASP Manicure Saver:

The orange stick dipped in file sand is handy too. Made to get the underside of nails, you can get it under them to deal with under-nail cuticle, or to smooth filing roughness underneath the nail. At $0.39, without Sally card, sheesh, why not?

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