Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Polish of the Day - Color Club Revvvolution

I FINALLY got Color Club Revvvolution. I had no money, then Head2Toe Beauty didn't have it in, then I had no... cycle. Anyway both situations finally came together and now I have CC Revvv. Is it as hot as OPI My Private Jet (original formula)? I say oh heck yes. And even better, CC Revvvolution is AVAILABLE, unlike OPI My Private Jet Original.

Color Club Revvvolution:
Color Club Revvvolution

OPI My Private Jet (original formula):

I quite like Color Club's formula. Many of the polishes are one coat, true one coat, and they apply well and stay put. Nice and glossy, too! They have some minis, too which is nice, in their One & Done Collection - on Head2Toe Beauty, all of $1.50. Here are three of those:

Color Club Earthy Mama:

Color Club Recycle This!:

Color Club Sign My Petition:
Color Club Sign My Petition


  1. I have been lemming this polish for a little while now. I have GOT to get my hands on it - your picture only makes me want it more! And thank you for showing the My Private Jet original formula - I have the new formula, and though I love it, obviously not anywhere near as gorgeous as that is.

  2. Nicole I think if you get CC Revvv you will be very glad you did!