Friday, May 1, 2009


This month I will feature a Zoya every day! I was very kindly gifted by Rebecca my (then) entire Zoya wishlist!! She went through Zoya's very cool polish exchange program, which I believe is now over -Update - It is extended until June 1! So I have a lot of seriously hot polishes to show you and to review for you!

Today is Zoya's Malia. I had wanted this polish for a long time. The color, a grape creme, just stuck with me even when I got a couple of other purple cremes. And I am glad it did! Malia is beautiful!

Zoya's creme formula is thick and sticky, like most cremes, but less than other people's. I may not even thin it. It went on well and did not run. One coat was quite sufficient! That bowled me over! Also it did not shrink when drying. I think this month is gonna be very fun!

Zoya Malia:
Zoya Malia

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  1. I believe Zoya has extended their polish exchange until the end of June.