Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Essie Summer Collection 2009!

I must be one of the very first blogging about this! Essie's Summer Collection 2009 is a selection of pinks and corals. All cremes, and very shiny, they are fairly simple girly shades. Nice clean colors for the summer, office-wearable, and happy. No one will goggle at your nails in horror if you have these on, they will probably just be nice hand enhacers. This is not eye-popping like the Neons, this is more, I dunno, something you might wear to play tennis or out to lunch by the beach?

While I don't see these as becoming legendary or after being discontinued, setting price records on eBay, but these are nice happy go-to shades. Most are a bit translucent, and the formula ranges, like all cremes, from easy to apply to a bit clumpy. Overall they are fairly easy to apply.

There are six in the Collection. First is a medium taupe called Not Just a Pretty Face (not pictured), which is fairly average. Last is a bright deep coral with a lot of chalky undertone, called Chubby Cheeks, also not pictured.

Essie Luscious Lips is a soft light bud pink creme, like all of the Collection, very shiny!:

Essie Lovie Dovie is a medium pink creme:

Essie Funny Face is a fun one. A bright fuchsia pink, it is actually very close to a non-neon Essie Flirty Fuchsia! I like this! A great alternative if you do not like neons!:

Essie Cute As a Button is a coral creme, fairly standard.:
Essie Cute As a Button

So if you like pinks and corals and want some pleasant summer shades, pick it up, preferably online where they are far cheaper!

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