Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Color Club Electro Candy Collection Summer 2009

Dunno how I missed blogging about my favorite neon collection of the year!? I think I was waiting to talk about all the others first. Yes, this IS the year of the Bright and the Neon. Which is fine with me, as I love both.

Color Club's Electro Candy neon collection for Summer 2009 is unique, even among all of this year's neons. Why? because it does not have a neon formula!!! No chalky streaky drying matte polishes here! Electro Candy's formula is like any other polish. It's somewhat sheer, so you will need a few coats, but you won't get streak or clump.

Best of all? They all have blue shimmer! Neon with shimmer? Wow.

Electro Candy has a nice rainbow color balance. One each of purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. It also has a special "color intensifying topcoat" named Vivid, which I did not try. I also did not try the orange, Tangerine Scream. I may have to buy it though!

IMO, a must have for summer.

Color Club Electro Candy:
Color Club Electro Candy

Color Club Volt of Light:
Color Club Volt of Light

Color Club Ultra Violet:
Color Club Ultra Violet

Color Club What a Shock!:
Color Club What a Shock!

Color Club Pure Energy:
Color Club Pure Energy

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  1. Most aptly named collection ever. These pictures make me want Ultra Violet, What A Shock, and Pure Energy. So pretty!